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Shoreline Preschool

  Hello & Welcome!

   My name is Patrisha Lussier, mother of one and a preschool teacher for 25 years.  I moved to Shoreline in 1993.  I chose this home (split level) as it is perfect for my preschool, and actually which has always been a preschool since it was built.  This last year (2017) I remodeled the school to make it more accessible, with freedom of movement for the children, replacing the floor-removing the carpet, for a cleaner, dust free environment.

In the last 25 years, I have learned from the children in my care. I know children are not the same in almost every area of learning and understanding- regardless of their age.  Children learn differently and need to be prepared differently.  Having the foundation that preschool can provide, leads them to be eager to learn and respond, keeps them excited to participate.  I have blended Handwriting Without Tears, Creative Curriculum, with the State Core Competencies, creating a powerful teaching strategy to meet each child’s individual needs.  

My classrooms are set to work with Bank Street (play-led) and Montessori Philosophies (everything teaches the child).  The set-up of each room, allows the children to move freely and provides them with a sense of self, giving them an "I can do it" attitude.  Working in centers, I have learned that children do well when they feel they have more freedom to choose what they want to do, according to their interest.  My rooms provide that freedom.  I also have learned to have materials out at all times, within their reach, allows creativity, grants them more control and provides an extra layer of self-respect.

For the last 15 years, I have dedicated my life to caring for underserved children, bringing attention to educators, city and state representatives on the importance of preparing these children to succeed in school and in life.  Children who live in poverty rarely enjoy preschool, they start Kindergarten behind their peers and generally leave school early and feeling defeated.   This can be corrected, all preschools should be willing to enroll state children, regardless of the rate of pay by the state.  This is in our hands to change!

In my free time,  I love spending time with my daughter and friends.  I like to paint and do projects around my home.   I continue to write articles on childcare, preschool and children’s behaviors.

 I enjoy spending time with my sisters and brothers in Christ and attending services and events at CHCC. I volunteer as a teacher’s aide at the church’s preschool, in the elementary ministry and as an usher.  I care for several children in other countries, learning their customs and beliefs.   


1991-1992   Shoreline CC
Early Childhood Education

1992-1994   Central Washington University
Teacher Certification
       Major – Special Education

2002    North American Montessori Centre
Montessori Degree

In the past 25 years, Patrisha Lussier has completed over 300 hours of classes, to keep up-to-date on the learning, teachings, and philosophies on children.



Meet the Teacher - Patrisha